Let’s take a break, Sugar.

I may have already mentioned that I don’t believe in diets of any sort. Especially when it comes to the pursuit of weight loss – they’re unsustainable and feed into an idea that someone else knows your body and its needs better than you do. But with my sugar cravings reaching such a peak that I’ve left nights out with friends early to sit alone on my sofa to satisfy them, I think it’s high time I jumped off my high horse and did a little bit of legwork to see what at least some of the fuss is about. Yes, the time has come for me to give up sugar*. 

The idea that sugar is the enemy has been banded about for years now, and there seems to be a never-ending stream of evidence to support its villainous role. Unfortunately, the focus is once again on the impact sugar has on our waistlines rather than our moods, and although the effects on our emotional state are mentioned, it always seems to be in passing: an aside.

It was when I finally twigged that my mood swings were becoming more severe since I’d started being able able to polish off an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice-cream in one sitting, that I decided that trying to live without sugar perhaps wasn’t a terrible idea.

For me, this will mean trying to avoid foods with any added sugar (i.e. most pre-prepared foods and meals), obviously not adding sugar to anything I eat, not baking (which will be particularly hard with the Great British Bake Off approaching) and cutting down on the amount of fruit I eat. I ummed and ahhed about this last one, but I think if I’m going to do it, I might as well see how far I  can go.

However, in the interests of remaining as true to my beliefs surrounding diets as possible, I’m not going to report on my weight, waistline or general appearance. Instead, I’m going to consider how I feel physically and more importantly, how I feel emotionally. That’s not to say I won’t be keeping an eye on my love handles and thighs, hoping they shrink back to their natural size – but I’m going to try my hardest to simply notice them (or notice them less) rather than judge if the whole no-sugar thing is really worth the effort.

Is this going to be hard? Can I do it? What will the side-effects be? Do I genuinely need to do it, or is this simply a weight-loss crusade masquerading as something else? I don’t have the answers yet, but please stay tuned to find out.

*for four weeks only.


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