No sugar: one week in

One week in, and what have I learned? THERE’S SUGAR IN EVERYTHING! And it’s not just added to sugary things either, which is beyond annoying. It also just happens to be in my favourite crisps, my preferred oven pizza and all ‘healthy’ snacks known to man. I’m not surprised that it’s so high up in the ingredients list of every food I gravitate towards, but rather appalled at how much I want to eat them.

I’ll admit, as it was the first week of avoiding the sweet stuff, I went a little easy on myself: I still ate fruit, used plenty of ketchup and demolished a large bag of those pesky (but crunchy and delicious) handcooked sea-salt and balsamic vinegar crisps, god dammit. The rest of the time, I behaved honourably.

How did I feel on the whole? Well, although my mood felt more stabilised, crisp-gate swiftly saw the familiar growlings of cravings, and I consequently gorged on barbecue food afterwards. I also experienced a huge energy slump halfway through said chilled, relaxing barbecue, to the point that I thought I was going to have to excuse myself at 8pm to take a big old nap. In fact, if it wasn’t for that espresso martini (whoops, better add that to the list), I would have.

If I hadn’t decided to ‘give up’ sugar, I undoubtedly would have binged more though, and purely because of my massive sugar crash. The yearning for more so-called ‘bad’ food, was severe and loud. However, this time, I didn’t give in because I couldn’t.

So, to avoid a similar thing happening this week (and to make avoiding temptation easier), I’m immersing myself more fully into it. This means less fruit (which is so odd as until really recently, we were told to eat fruit and lots of it), and pretty much all pre-prepared food: sugar has a multitude of pseudonyms I don’t know and even if it’s not explicitly mentioned in the ingredients list, I don’t want to risk ingesting it.

I’m cautious of sugar-avoidance becoming an obsession – because that’s not good for the mind – but I’m also optimistic that my newfound awareness surrounding sugar will help me make better choices and get me back into the kitchen, cooking from scratch.


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