Hello, and welcome to Syruptitiously!

I’m Sarah and I started this blog because I love food. I love everything about it, plan my days around it and spend pretty much all of my time thinking about it.

me-and-a-sandwichHaving always rejected faddy diets, I’ve recently cut out sugar, dairy and meat…and, I’ve cut down drastically on gluten. Don’t stop reading! I promise I’m not a total hypocrite. I mainly wanted to see if I could cut out sugar, and after feeling the benefits, dairy soon followed.

Most of the older recipes here revolve around both sugar and dairy, but as my diet and tastes have changed, so have the recipes.

Now that I’ve seemingly cut out so much food, people are always asking me, “What do you eat?!” Well, after a looooong adjustment period (good God I missed butter so much) during which I felt really sorry for myself, I’m suddenly overwhelmed by the possibility of how much I’m able to put on my plate now that I’m no longer blinded by brie.

Most importantly of all, I’m fascinated by how what we eat affects our psychological well-being and how that impacts our later food choices – which is why I’ve divided up my recipes into different moods. My aim for each ‘mood’ is to include recipes for the kind of foods we reach for when we’re feeling a certain way (like chocolate fudge cake when you’re feeling blue) and those foods we should be reaching for to make us feel better.

I have a lot to learn about all this, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Sarah x




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