About me

Welcome to Syruptitiously!

Hi, I’m Sarah. And because anything is possible on the interweb, I’m a seriously fussy eater with a food blog.

Curly haired girl (me) laughing at something hilarious off-camera

I’m (90%) vegan and gluten-free and therefore, so are my recipes. I promise the food is still edible.

Eating out can be pretty tricky for me, so I have to make a lot of my own food.

Most of my recipes are adaptions from my favourite cookbooks and websites. I always try to reference the originals in case you’re interested.

I’ve divided the recipes up into meals or snacks, because that’s all I eat.

I have a tumultuous relationship with food, but I hope sharing these recipes will be a part of the healing process. Or something.

If you are what you eat, then let’s all be delicious. x



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