Healthy hobnob recipe

My dear friend who hates all things vegan and constantly renounces me for only “eating air” said these were actually half decent and that I should share the recipe. Much as I’m loathe to say he’s right, writing the recipe means I get to eat them again.

Cheese & sun-dried tomato vegan scones recipe

This year’s Great British Bake Off saw the first ever Vegan Week. And while I was disappointed by the constant refrain, “It actually tastes alright,” the delectable treats baked throughout the series have inspired me to flex my baking muscles once more. Also, in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic I throw away, … More Cheese & sun-dried tomato vegan scones recipe

Vegan flapjacks recipe

There’s almost nothing better than flapjacks. That buttery, sugary, syrupy deliciousness is melt-in-the-mouth perfection. Thankfully, I recently discovered giving up butter and sugar doesn’t mean you have to give up flapjacks. My version keeps the porridge oats but replaces the butter and sugar whilst adding a nutty dimension with ground almonds, coconut oil and seeds. … More Vegan flapjacks recipe

Hummus recipe

If you ask my hips, they’ll tell you truthfully that since I cut out sugar and dairy, ready salted crisps with hummus are my new go-to snack.