Food for thought

Food’s about so much more than what you put on your plate. Here are a few things to chew on…

Being a fussy foodie – my dilemma

No sugar: the verdict – is it worth it?

No sugar: the breakdown (three weeks in) – the science behind it all

No sugar: two and a half weeks in – this is harder than I thought

No sugar: two weeks in a simple, no sugar one-day meal plan

No sugar: one week in – how I’ve got on so far…

Let’s take a break, Sugar – I hate all things diet, but is it time to say goodbye to sugar? An experiment.

Food, I hate that I love you – my mucho complicado relationship with the good stuff

What’s in a thigh gap? – a brief look at getting compliments on your weight loss when you “don’t care” about your weight…

Rank(ing) food – Britain’s top-selling products are Smirnoff vodka, Walkers crisps and Coke. Quel surprise!

Hermit the Carb – how eating mainly carbs made me feel like s**t

Dear Diary, Today I Ate… – why I think food diaries are awesome



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