Millionaire’s shortbread

Yes, you’ve guessed it, these “millionaire’s shortbread” are completely dairy and refined sugar-free. But don’t worry, I handed them out to a few people in the office and all of them said they couldn’t tell they were healthy, so there’s that. Advertisements

Sweet potato brownies

I can’t take credit for these as I’ve largely poached the recipe from Deliciously Ella. However, I have made a few tweaks that I think improve them. They’re a great treat and are packed full of healthy ingredients.

Being a fussy foodie

Having whinged on for years about not believing in diets, I’ve now gone and cut out sugar, dairy and meat completely and cut way down on carbs. Sugar, carbs and dairy are for health (with a side of weight loss, please) and meat is for…well, Cowspiracy. All of which officially makes me a fussy eater.